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Peri, California, United States of America.

Dear Rhonda,

I would like to thank you so much for the brilliant session on the phone.
Since then, you have helped ease my mind and stress levels tremendously.
You are straightforward, clear and loving.
And I feel you are a true clairvoyant…You “nailed” several things….
I liked how you said a couple of times. “Don’t tell me, I’m telling you!”
Thank you for your purity, sincerity, and guidance from Spirit.

And thank you to Kev who is so sweet.

It was easy and amazing to hear you over the phone from the USA to Australia…. (Sorry I did not figure out to drop the ‘0’! And there again, you were right Rhonda! You knew it)

I am so grateful to my beloved friend, who got me the session with you as a gift.
The best gift! And I will be contacting you for another session for me and my husband, thats for sure!

Thank you Rhonda, and God Bless you.

Love and best wishes,