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Two heart warming letters from two very special people.

Two heart warming letters from two very special people.

In the work that I do, I sometimes receive a hard time from clients who are not happy hearing what they need to hear, the human ego is a powerful influence, and I have to wear the reactions and threats from those ego,s. I am human too, and it is hard for me to receive the responses from people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, and at times, I have doubted whether I should keep doing this work. That is until I read these lovely letters, from a special couple, who in their writings, gave me another view of the work that I do.

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Hi Rhonda,

I just wanted to write a quick email to see how you are? I was speaking to a friend of mine and she mentioned a couple of things going on with you at the moment and I Just wanted to let you know that never question your abilities as you have been amazing in our lives with your spiritual guidance and truly talented gift, You have a gift that we are lucky that you are willing to share, it is not something you can buy or gain as a qualification it is what it is…… a “Gift”.

Some people believe and others do not…which I guess you could say “they miss out”! Because the information you provide us with is not something that we can get from any other source and we are very lucky that you share this information for the good of people to help people make the most of their lives, Guide them when they have fallen, help build the foundations of what may have been broken & guide people in the right directions when needing clarity and or closure and you do this with honesty & truthfulness and a good big heart.

I remember when you told Justin not to validate himself on his clients and he no longer does this and feels so much better for it, Although at times we can be forgiven for letting out guards down and letting the idiots in to voice their invalidated, self absorbed opinions on to us and thus questioning ourselves & abilities when in actual fact people only do this when they have reason to question themselves and therefore putting the negativity onto some else to deal with!

Basically I just wanted to let you know that from both myself and Justin as well as others that I have referred onto you, we all think you are amazing, gifted and have been a blessing, Your guidance and words have been inspirational & life changing and we could not thank you enough for this. We have applied all the information you have given us and what a difference it makes to one’s life….Thank you.

So with this I know it is easier said than done…..but don’t let a few insignificant people dictate to you and make you question yourself….when there is nothing at all to question. I hope you don’t mind that I have emailed you I just wanted to let you know because since meeting you 4 years ago you have changed our train of thought and lives in such a positive way…….and we certainly do not appreciate anyone speaking ill of you!

I do hope all is well and we will be seeing you again in 2010

P.s My daughter is loving her new school her confidence has grown and she is now back to her happy, vibrant self 🙂 Thank you!

Kindest Regards,


Hi Rhonda,

It is my pleasure, we were disheartened to think that some people may have been speaking ill of you and making you feel as if you should question your own abilities, I think it’s safe to say some people hate the truth and refuse to take responsibilities for their own actions & misfortunes and need to blame another person to try and justify such ignorance!! You have been amazing in ours lives and we both my husband and myself would be more than happy if you wanted to put the emails on your website because the words that I have written come from the heart and bare the truth of what an amazing gift and talented, wonderful woman that you are, your guidance & your work is worth every penny if not more, your line of work is not easy as it draining for you and to have to bare the truth to others is never an easy task as you do not do this via personal opinion but that of your spiritual guidance in thus helping your clients get the most out of their lives in which you have done for myself and many many others….you are a truly wonderful gifted woman, never for get that!! Let the few ignorant self absorbed, negative people wallow in their self pity as the countless hundreds of other people that you have helped over time is……. priceless.

Keep smiling and keep doing what you do best….making a difference in someone’s life.

Kindest Regards,

Carla & Justin,