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Why my mum sees a psychic

Lachlan Cornell

Rhonda is a gifted intuitive reader and medium practicing from her home in the Tweed hinterland. I was trying to understand why someone would go and see someone like Rhonda, so I thought I’d ask someone who does go and see her.  That happens to be my mum.  Here is what she had to say:

Why do you go to see Rhonda?

To be honest, like you, I didn’t think that I would ever go and see a psychic. I thought they just told you what was going to happen and I always thought, if you heard that, it might make that thing happen when it otherwise may not have and what if heard something you didn’t want to hear!? However, a close friend recommended Rhonda to me at a time of personal turmoil. I was so consumed by betrayal, hurt, confusion and stress, that I did not have the energy to resist and so I went.

Why did you choose an intuitive reader/medium over any other similar modality?

I had no understanding of the difference between them at the time I first went to see Rhonda. So for me, it wasn’t a choice of one modality over another. But I found the experience very beneficial. It calmed my mind and helped to ground me. Rhonda is very direct. She cuts through what you may have been telling yourself to give you the message that Spirit or your higher consciousness needs you to hear. Consequently, I have been back many times in the last 5 years.

How often do you go for a reading with Rhonda?

It depends on what is going on in my life.  Sometimes, it can months between visits, at other times it can be weeks.

What immediate effects to get from having a reading?

I always feel clearer and calmer. I think that comes from the deeper understanding that comes through Spirit, of the dynamics that are at play in the areas of my life about which I am enquiring. Sometimes when I’m in the sessions with Rhonda, a person from my life who was passed away will come through to give me messages.  I find that comforting.

How do you know it is that person who has ‘come through’?

Often they will give Rhonda a message that is something that only you would understand, like Rhonda will say “your dad said he was at work with you the other day, he said there was something funny when you had coffee with a friend’  What actually happened was, I met a friend for coffee, I ordered a decaf, and he ordered a triple shot…..they got the orders mixed up, and I was wired and talking at a hundred miles per hour all afternoon!

Do you think there are long term benefits of having a reading?

I find it is beneficial to use what has come through in the readings as a point of reference. Life has a tendency to throw up challenges, your ego throws in its 2 cents worth and you can make your journey much harder going than it needs to be. When I am in that space, sometimes I listen to a recording of one of Rhonda’s session and that can remind me what is really playing out.

Have you referred Rhonda to anybody else?

Absolutely! I have given a gift voucher for a reading with Rhonda to a number of my friends and have referred her to many others. I think all of them have found the experience beneficial on some level. One did say ‘it’s not for the faint-hearted’ and that is because Rhonda tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. That friend went on to say, ‘it is probably time for me to go back and see her again.’

Lachlan Cornell
Freelance writer




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