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Ross, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Ross, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

My name is Ross, I was introduced to Rhonda through my wife Valentina, and this is what I think of Rhonda’s work. Well at my first meeting with you I was very up tight, now I have an open mind to everything and I have become a true believer. Rhonda the work you have done with me, and the path that I am taking in my life is the direction I dreamed of 7 years ago. You tell it as is, without any ego involved. I have no hesitation to tell my friends and anyone I know about your work with the Universe. 

Hi Rhonda, 
One last thing from Val here. I believe you have been given a very important incarnation in this life and I can see how you are using it for the good of all. You do it with integrity and empathy and for that; I want to thank you again for crossing our path.

I also will recommend you to anyone who is willing to know the Truth.

With Love, 
Val and Ross.