Hands of Destiny

Alyana, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Good Morning Angel,

I was just listening to Oprah’s Super Soul and she talked about legacy and suffering.

She said that no matter how hard the journey is, and how much pain you get to endure, you need to remember, that your legacy is the lives you’ve touched.

For every person that has seen you, and got your message, you have been a source of transformation.

Sorry to contact you on a Sunday, but I was sad, seeing you sad the other night, over people not showing gratitude to your work, but your legacy remains in being true to who you are, speaking the Truth and helping people to see the Truth. Every teacher finds it challenging to teach students. Some are good and some kids rebel and don’t want to listen. You as a spiritual teacher would also have students that would rebel and hurt you. It should, and does not reflect on who you are ♥️



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