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Angelique, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The first time I booked in to speak with Rhonda I was nervous. Despite what my friends had told me about her, I still was scared about how the reading would go, and what Rhonda would be like. I couldn’t have had less to worry about. Rhonda is kind and caring in her approach to delivering the reading. It is much more than a psychic reading; it is a counselling experience. Often I’ve called Rhonda full or fear, and anxiety, about my future and my present situation, only to finish the reading feeling light as a feather, and full of strength and hope.

Rhonda is a true blessing amongst us, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Rhonda and spirit have saved me from myself so many times now and kept me strong and growing. Honestly anything I can do to support Rhonda and Spirit is no trouble for me, as they keep me together when I need it the most. 🙂

Angelique xx