Hands of Destiny

Bianca, Vancouver, Canada.

I first spoke to Rhonda 9 years ago as she was repeatedly recommended to me by friends. When we spoke, I took what she said on board but was still determined to force a dead-end relationship to work. In the months after our Reading, things kept on happening where I thought “Rhonda said that would happen…she was right after all.”

Fast forward nearly 10 years and I’m living my best life, and have Rhonda’s guidance to thank for that. Amongst my circle of friends, Rhonda has become known as ‘Never Wrong Rhonda’ and it’s usually said with a knowing look after one of her predictions comes to show itself, weeks, months or years later. I always hear a little ‘told ya!’ in the back of my head and her boisterous laugh. Thank you, Never Wrong Rhonda, for all of your support.

You are a treasure!

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