Hands of Destiny

Brent, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

After my wife supplied a range of photos of family and friends I had an hour phone reading with Rhonda.

Having not experienced this form of reading before I was amazed with how many insights she brought to the surface in such a short period of time.
In one hour we had time to discuss me entire immediate family, my career, health as well as my consistent behavioral patterns. The accuracy of her insights had me engaged immediately and have provided me with some clear courses of action as a result. Completely without prompting examples included asking about any problems with my right elbow and my brother’s future in London.
For the record I recently had surgery on my right elbow and my brother is moving to London in a month from now.

For me personally the most important area of discovery however was about my young children. She clearly articulated their individual strengths and areas most in need of development. Although I consider myself a loving and switched on parent my wife and I regularly find ourselves in unknown territory attempting to make the most out of the unique challenges that parenting brings. Without doubt Rhonda’s reading has given me a better insight into their unique needs and importantly has provided immediate direction in how we can best meet these challenges.

I intend to share my experience with all those in my inner circle and encourage them to have a reading with Rhonda.
I would like to use this testimonial to thank Rhonda for an amazing experience.

All the best,


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