Hands of Destiny

Candice, Saudi Arabia.

“I feel very privileged and grateful that I had the opportunity to speak with Rhonda. I had a phone reading as I live overseas, I thought before the reading that it may be a bit uncomfortable and kind of impossible to do a reading over the phone but it was quite the opposite, Rhonda made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, such an easy person to talk to.

I have seen many mediums/physics over the years and when I got off the phone with Rhonda, I felt as though it was the first real physic I had seen. Her gift is truly amazing!! She brought such clarity to situations in my life and made sense of many wonders I had. The messages and words of the spirits she had relayed to me brought me such comfort and understanding.

I can still not believe how extraordinary her gift is as she was so clear and so right, she didn’t generalize or say anything that could be relevant to most people’s lives….she was absolutely accurate on the personal things going on in my life. Thank you Rhonda for a wonderful experience and I will certainly be returning.

Kind Regards,


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