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Clare, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I met Rhonda by accident and a children’s tennis match in Victoria. I had never had the experience of having a reading done before and actually had no idea that they even existed. As we chatted it became obvious to me that Rhonda had a special gift. Although skeptical about how she knew what she seemed to know and even more skeptical about how she could possibly know about the future, I walked away from our first meeting knowing that she was special and even though I didn’t understand what it was that she had, I knew that she knew about stuff that she could possibly know about, but did.
My eyes were opened to a completely different world of insight and knowledge. Even more amazing was that Rhonda was not driven by money or need to get her point across she simply wanted to help me in my life’s journey.

After this chance meeting I kept Rhonda’s contact details but did not contact her for a reading for another seven years. Over the seven years, everything she had spoken about became a reality, even down to “problems with water pipes”. Even though I did not understand all that Rhonda said at the time, I can now honestly say … I DO NOW!

Recently I had a reading …I can still say her knowledge and depth blows me away. Her love and care for people becomes evident through the reading. This is not to say that she will sugar coat things, that, she will not…, but Rhonda will offer to you what you need to learn and reflect upon with honesty and precision.

So what did I take from the last reading, well that’s my journey and there is no need to go into details as it is only relevant to my walk. I do know for sure though, I will take what she said very seriously, address what needs to be addressed to the best of my ability and celebrate the amazing life I have been given. Since the reading I have been sleeping like a baby, I no longer worry about the next “little bit” as I know what I need to do. I understand why things are the way they are and know what I need to take responsibility for and what I can leave to others to reflect upon.

Rhonda, you are a healing force, humble and honest.

Thank you!