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Clarise, Toorak, Victoria, Australia.

OMG! Rhonda. You’re amazing. I’m having goose bumps all over for receiving your message. I’ve been praying to Spirit all afternoon and to you. I even went to text you to ask you to pray for me as anger, doubt and sadness came over me and made me emotional. But then I deleted the message I was going to send you and I said to myself, no, I have to do this on my own. When I saw your message I was so shocked. You are truly an angel, sent from above just like what I saw in my dream.

This was another proof to me that you and your work is genuine and perfect.

Thank you for you love and care. It means a lot to me. I can’t stop crying because your words of encouragement means a lot to me. Sending you my love and I am filled with gratitude towards your kindness. X

Thank you.