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Daniel, Brisbane,Queensland, Australia.

“Rhonda definitely has a connection to parts of the universe that ordinary people cannot see. She was able to tell me that one of my family members had manipulated another close family member for money, when I always thought that was completely out of their nature. I followed up on this subtly not long after the reading, and found out it was completely true. This was only a small part of what Rhonda told me about my family, but this stands out the most.

Rhonda was able to tell me about certain health issues and what I needed to do to help resolve them. She was not able to tell me everything that I needed to do, but I have no doubt it was a huge help.

If you are a skeptic, then note, that Rhonda managed to convince a partner, of a friend, who holds a Doctorate in Neurology, that she has real ability. He was reluctant to see her at first, but next time they went back, it was his idea!

Rhonda is a remarkable lady and you will not be disappointed if you have a Reading with her.”