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Daniel & Yasmin, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I went to see Rhonda late in 2008. I was in a mess emotionally after having made what I believe for me as one of the hardest decisions in life. I couldn’t cope and was looking for answers to all of my questions which no one could help me with.

As I was speaking to a family friend one day, she mentioned a really good psychic that lived around near where the big avocado is, so I starting searching on Google to try and find this person and I came across the “Hands of Destiny” website. I had a read through a couple of the testimonials and realised that this must be the person my friend was telling me about.

When I went to see Rhonda I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical at first, but she soon put that to bed. I have seen a few clairvoyants in the past and it feels as though they fish around to try and find out what answers you want hear and then that’s all they tell you. However Rhonda is very different, in that she won’t sugar coat anything. She is straight to the point, which I found a little confronting at first, but I realised that this is what I needed. I needed someone to tell me the truth, so that I could deal with what it was that was holding me back for so long and torturing me emotionally. She also picked up on a few issues with one of my children and advised me on what I should be doing which I ignored after my reading and now some seven months later those issues that Rhonda warned me about have surfaced, so I have taken her advice and it seems to be slowly working out.

I can’t recommend Rhonda enough. I even talked my partner into going and seeing her a month later which even he (the biggest sceptic of all) has raved on about how great she is. There are times now that when things happen he says “Rhonda did say that would happen but I didn’t believe her”. It has also helped in some ways with regards to how he deals with situations which we both believe has been a tremendous help.

Even if you are a sceptic or don’t believe in these types of things, all I suggest is just go and see Rhonda once, it will definitely be worth every minute. I’m looking forward to my next reading soon.

Love Daniel & Yasmin.