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Elaine, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


I’ve been going to Rhonda for the past few years, and the reason I do this, is that in my opinion, Rhonda is the real deal.   I have absolutely no doubt of Rhonda’s authenticity, which is why I return to her each year.  I’ve simply never met anyone who Spirit speaks through, so directly, clearly and truthfully.  I love the way Rhonda TELLS YOU what is happening etc.  There is no room for doubt in what she says and if she asks a question, it’s because it has a bearing on what is being said, not because she’s fishing around in an uncertainty.  Being with Rhonda isn’t getting a Reading, it is partaking in an experience.  My last but one Reading with Rhonda was amazing but some of it has happened yet, but, if Rhonda and Spirit say it will happen, then I’m totally sure it will, in the fullness of time.  My latest reading, was very focused and has given me a lot to think about.  I wish Rhonda all the best for her continuing work with Spirit and am totally looking forward to my next Reading at this time next year.


Elaine, Gold Coast