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Emily, Afghanistan.

Over the past year, Rhonda has completely blown my mind and changed the entire world as I knew it, in many, many ways, both in person and over the phone. Rhonda is unwavering in her honesty, brilliant in her guidance, and shocking with her inherent knowledge and expertise.
She has channelled family members (with tells to prove beyond a doubt that it was them) who imposed a psychic intervention to bring my life back on track after being derailed for decades. Rhonda has provided invaluable, unusual health analyses for short or long term issues which were always supported by western medicine later, and she has provided coherent insight into underlying issues that had been either repressed or had taken over for years.

Rhonda has an extremely rare and unique ability to show what you need most to see at that particular time (especially if you don’t want to go there!), and always with the life lessons at the forefront, and longer term abundance in mind, breaking boundaries that all other experts hadn’t been able to transgress. She also goes the next step and works with you to develop strategies at to how to go about addressing them, creating change and working on very specific techniques to maximise what you’ve got. Feedback from others showed that I’ve gone from being angry, depressed and with insurmountable writing blocks, to manifesting everything I wanted – new job, new place, new challenge – with high energy, good vibrations, and a second novel on the way.

Thank you a million, Rhonda for sticking it out 🙂

Warm regards,