Hands of Destiny

Helen, Sydney, Australia.

Rhonda recently performed a reading for me and I am happy to provide a testimonial for her.
Rhonda spoke to me by phone after I sent her photos of the family. From almost her first words to me, she/ Spirit seemed to see into my innermost soul and provided insights and advice as to how I could make improvements to my health and life. She also spoke to me in detail about my children`s personalities, and husband`s family issues and even business advice – and really nailed the kids` and other family members` personalities.

Rhonda spoke compassionately and with understanding.Time will tell if all her predictions will come true. The reading was amazing in that she helped me see clearly what was going on in my family, and gave very good advice as to how I could stop some worrying behavior from turning into something quite negative.
Rhonda said that she was getting a lot of her information that she was passing on to me, from my mother that had passed over. It was so reassuring to hear that she is still around the family and still concerned about our wellbeing!

Thanks again Rhonda.

I`m sure you will be hearing from me again for more advice as time goes on!


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