Hands of Destiny

Jacquelyn, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hello Rhonda,

I just want to tell you how extraordinary I find your Readings by phone.
I have had 2 Readings by phone now and both have proved very interesting,
reassuring and helpful. My husband and I couldn`t believe how events kept happening just as you
described to me they would. From health problems, business transactions and people around us, to my daughter’s role in the school musical.

And even 1 week after my second Reading once again something that you had told me came to pass. Life gets very complicated, confusing and overwhelming, and at times I feel the need for some direction, some reassurance, that there is a light at the end
of the tunnel.

The accuracy of your phone Readings is astounding, and your guidance has kept me calm in periods of great stress.

Thanks once again for your help.

Talk to you soon.

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