Hands of Destiny

Jayden, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hi Rhonda,
It’s Jayden here, I’m writing you a testimonial like I promised.

Where to start…… I’m a 27 year old male living on the Gold Coast. I’ve been so see Rhonda 5 times now, every time has been amazing beyond words.
Having so many people in my life pass away I couldn’t help but be curious of who was around me. The first time I went to see Rhonda I was incredibly upset as soon as she told me my father was by my side, but with her words of wisdom and beautiful presence she helped me make contact.

Rhonda has helped me so much to grow and be the best person i was put here to be.
My last visit was one of the best so far. I, like many people have had it a little rough throughout the years. Rhonda has now opened my eyes to the the person I really am, to the things I am most definitely worthy of. She empowers me every time I finish a reading and drive down that road back to the highway, my whole world changes and I then and there know what I have to do to make my life not only easier but more fulfilled.

To anyone reading this, if you need any kind of validation, support, guidance or contact with a loved one that I know will be waiting for you on the other side, please go see Rhonda. Even if you just need a chat, she can most definitely help with anything you have to dish out. She is truly a gift to this world.

Thank you for reading.


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