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Joan, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

I first met Rhonda in 1998, I never thought that I would meet someone who is so accurate in their readings, and the truth she revealed to me. I simply have no words to describe, but only emotions, so deeply felt within myself.

I was going through a very bad time, my husband was getting so sick all the time, and we went to many doctors and finally he was diagnosed with cancer, and I needed to seek a psychic for help and to hear what they had to say, I saw many of them and all were just the same , NOTHING . But then I met Rhonda and life changed. I had to accept the truth and Rhonda helped me understand and told me what I needed to accept and hear.

Rhonda told me that my husband was a very sick man and that he had limited time to heal, ( I had not told Rhonda anything about my life, I had only shown Rhonda photo`s of my family members ! ) how sweet it was that, she did not say he was going to die, but that he needed to heal, the words she used were so gentle and full of kindness.

But unfortunately he eventually passed away, and he is now in peace.

I decided to see Rhonda again and she communicated with my deceased husband and he said how happy he was and free from pain, it was such an emotional experience and I was happy because he was in peace.

He had a message for me, saying that he, with God`s help is sending someone to look after me, and Rhonda described the person in every detail and now this is the man I am married to.

I have been seeing Rhonda for more than nine years now, because I want to hear her advice for the present and the future, and Rhonda has always told me the truth and she has advised me emotionally and spiritually. To me she is a messenger, sent by God, and I believe she is an angel, here on earth to help people like me, who sometimes lose their way in life.

And I firmly believe in what Rhonda does, she does it so well, and Rhonda has such a nice husband Kevin, who is thoughtful and nice, because sometimes I call her after hours and he would be only too happy to put Rhonda on the phone, not many psychics would give their time to talk to me like Rhonda talks to me.

I recommend anyone out there to seek Rhonda for advice and for help with problems with the past, present and the future.

Thank you Rhonda, for what you have done for me, and my family.

God bless you, Kevin and your family.