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Joan, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia

To All of My Brothers and Sisters who are seekers of Spiritual Truths:

For the past thirty four years I have been a practicing Clairvoyant-Medium, however one sometimes finds it difficult to avoid the conscious mind editing the psychic channeling when Reading for self. On mentioning this to one of my clients, she suggested I see Rhonda for a Reading. Hallelujah! What a wonderful experience!

I am now in my (young) seventies, but came to realize about eight years ago that the man who reared me was not my real father.
Two years ago I broached the subject with an older sister, who told me my mother admitted that probability on her death-bed.

My sister and I were the only ones living who knew this, however the first thing Rhonda told me was that my mother had had affairs and that my real father was a man called Gordon. Correct!

Rhonda covered many subjects while I cried buckets of tears. Over the past thirty years I have studied Transpersonal Psychiatry/Psychology, however my session with Rhonda by far outweighed the abilities of any of the Professionals I have studied with.

Having had two failed marriages, having built a lovely new home for myself, but feeling extremely lonely, I asked Rhonda about a ‘mate’. She told me spirit said before the middle of 2010 I would meet a man who would give me ‘unconditional love’ for the first time in my life. (This was on 21st December, 2009.) Four months later I have made a commitment to the most wonderful man (my Soulmate). Incidently, I have been telling him for over three years that he would marry a Taurean lady! Guess what? – I am a Taurean!

Words or space cannot describe the admiration I have for Rhonda – she is a true channel for Spirit. I have been involved with Spiritual Churches for thirty four years, have met many Clairvoyant-Mediums of international standing, but I strongly urge you if you need truth and guidance, to see Rhonda.

God Bless you Rhonda, my Guides continually tell me that the path of a true psychic channel is never easy. When Michelangelo created The Pieta, the marble felt every blow of the hammer on the chisel, however the end result was spiritual perfection. So to you Rhonda, and all others who are being ‘Spiritually tested’, hang in there, have faith and march forward as true Spiritual Warriors.

With much Spiritual Love.