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Julie , Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

If you were given the opportunity to be able to see a glimpse of your future would you take it? If you were able to see in advance if the business deal was going to be successful would you want to know? If you were told you are going to meet the “person of your dreams” would you want to find out where?

Now this may sound all very “airy-fairy” but I assure you this is not the case.
I am a very “fact and figure person”, I work by seeing concrete evidence, I have little patience for dreamers and drifters (as many of the so called “clairvoyants” seem to be). My first reading with Rhonda blew my mind; she knew what I went through (traumatic divorce), she knew that I had moved countries because of this. Rhonda also knew that I had stopped my accounting degree (much to her dismay). She could tell me the exact nature of the people in my life down to the T. Rhonda couldn’t have “known” this stuff she was telling me unless she lived in my house, lived with the people I do, and knows the people I do.

For me, the first reading was Rhonda validating herself to me, (it still amazes me one year later). I asked Rhonda if I can go back for another reading, she told me not to for at least 6mthns, (really, you mean this lady is refusing my money?).
After my first reading I knew I could trust Rhonda and let my own guard down, the wealth of information she provides is incredible. As Rhonda said in her own words, we are all on a journey, however with knowledge we can make the journey easier.
The majority of us all get doctor check-ups, dentist check-ups, so why not a Spirit check-up too? We all need a little cleansing from time to time.

Much love to the both of you,