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Julieanne, Uki, New South Wales, Australia.

Hi Rhonda,

I promise, I am not stalking you!

I’ve just been to get an ultrasound and just as you indicated, there’s a problem with my left kidney that I haven’t noticed yet. You flagged that I’m chronically dehydrated and it transpires that another one of the other issues (gallstones) is a direct result of chronic dehydration. Neither the gall stones nor the kidney, have given me any symptoms as yet – I went in for a liver scan! (Liver looked quite okay).
Thank you for the reading, the timing couldn’t have been better, as between that, and the ultrasound, I’ve committed to getting a regular spring water delivery, and plan to get on top of this immediately.

The other thing that happened, was that my friend has come down with the flu and had booked an appointment with a kinesiologist for today, she has given me her appointment, right when I was thinking I needed to see someone who can clear the underlying emotions attached to these health issues. I had planned to see the naturopath at Vitalis, but it appears the Universe needs me to see Jonathon Dau, kinesiologist, Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist first!

All the very best,