Hands of Destiny

Kardelle, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Oh Rhonda!

You really are amazing with the information that you give me threw not only yourself but through Spirit to. I have only just got my shit together a week ago with it, & I look back now & laugh at myself for reason being how silly, nervous, scarred, stubborn & rebellious I was being to myself & only hurting myself in the long run…just like you were constantly telling me & trying to drill it into my head since September last year with each reading I had with you. I am running with it & loving every bit of what I am doing, just as you had told me I would. I’m even finding that I’m surprising myself with hidden talents… or more truthfully speaking, lack of self confidence that had been installed upon me by other negative & WRONG influential people that I had allowed into my life over the past 38 years.

I now wake up every morning with a routine planned out for myself. I no longer waste each day by wallowing in my own misery which consisted of self- pity & sorrows…. with the “Hows” & the “Why’s” of me not being able to gain back the control of my life that I used to have that I feel that is now finally REBORN again…through the help of all the healing that I’ve had to endorse upon myself over the last 12 months…& once again I find myself in the same position as always, & that has been consistent in having YOU to thank for. For YOU were the only one who recommended who & where i go in order to help heal myself spiritually, emotionally, mentally & ethically…along with your profound wise words of wisdom whenever I would have a reading from you. I tried all the Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Councillor’s & mentally un-balancing medication which they all put me on throughout the years…but nothing ever worked.

I have always listened to your guidance & it has NEVER failed me over the 4 years that I’ve been seeing you, but has only led me to know what I see as me having my life back on track, & a purpose in life to wake up to & live for. I wake up driven now & want to go back & give myself another chance at being yet again successful in life, & in my new chosen career path as my own business woman.
Many…Oh! Many people including the majority of my family have always treated me in the wrong way…with absolutely NO respect & minimal love…yourself on the other hand are so selfless & you have always been there for me…neither budging or dodging a soul that has swerved off the wrong direction & road in life.
In the last 4 years that I have known you & been coming to see you every 6 months for my readings, progressively, through a lot of hard emotional work & effort, I am finally blossoming back to myself & reconnecting again with my heart & spirit.

I am very excited & optimistic to see what this year will now bring for me with all the hard work that you have done to put into me, to see me SHINE & SHOOT FOR THE STARS…. & so sincerely, you are the very reason why I have tried so hard to get my life back on track because I never wanted to “fail you”…in which I’ve never told you I felt this way because I thought you’d think of me as being stupid…. but I only wanted to make you proud of me, because I see myself as have being your “work of art” in the making….in which, when I came to you I felt like a lifeless bit of clay, & throughout time you have moulded me back into a lady, with a colourful & happy spirit in her soul again….all because I have always listened to your advice, & that’s because in the entire 4 years…your readings have NEVER failed me…yet only HELPED myself become one, & true to myself again…& for that, I cannot, nor shall stop thanking you sooo very much! I can feel it in my bones for the very first time in a bloody long time, that something great is about to turn around & change for my life being for the happier, the better, & for the more successful in this year of 2012!

Not only are you a truly amazing, caring & understanding woman, you ARE a BRILLIANT READER of the future & I hope one day you cross paths with somebody that works in the media industry so they can see the miracles, life changes, happiness, & peace that you actually bring people, just like you have always done for me, & give you your own show in which I personally feel you have more than well earned. Hee! Hee! Move over John Edward….because Rhonda Rixon from “Hands Of Destiny” kicks ass, & even though your words of advice may sometimes be harsh or not what people are wanting to hear….throughout time I have learnt that they are ALWAYS spoken for a reason…& that reason I have come to learn is that everybody has lessons in life to learn & their own personal journey’s to take….& some are easy & some roads are not…but I keep ploughing forward with constant remembrance of the guidance yourself & spirit have & are continuously giving me….. & that has lead me to now see & understand ANYTHING is possible to achieve in life & not impossible.

If it wasn’t for yourself, I honestly don’t know if I would still be sitting here to this day writing you this e-mail because there were way toooo many dark days than there were good for me in the majority of my life, that all I wanted to do was say “Goodbye & F – Off” to this world & be gone forever with my existence. What did I have to lose, when I felt I was all alone deep inside?! I constantly thought. I let so many people think that I had my life together because i knew they really didn’t give a “raccoon’s ass” so to speak if they knew otherwise, & so it had always been an easier coping mechanism for me to live my life to the rest of the world that way…rather than feel the constant humiliation & constant rejection from friendships, relationships & to be just bloody loved by somebody in life.
You have turned my attitude back to being the happy-go-lucky type of girl that I once was, before I allowed society to virtually ruin my inner self as a person…being my soul….. & now I wake up every day excited what i can do with my life & my future. There is not a day or a week where a thought of you does not pop into my head. You have become my inspiration as the magnificent woman who I see you as being & what you have done for me in ways that I know & can see that you don’t even realize yourself….because you are NOT a liar, fraud or manipulator of people’s emotions in a reading as are so many others out there that should be burnt at the stake whom i see as imposter’s to your industry, trying to fool other people such as myself in having tricked me into thinking that they also to obtained YOUR natural GENUINE GIFT that you were blessed & born with.


I am extremely grateful to have you in it & I feel I owe my life to you…,for you were the only one willing to believe in me, help me, encourage me, were hard on me when you saw I needed it, & showed me sincerity. And so for that, I cannot thank you more than enough because you are such a humble person in a way I’m not even sure if you see it yourself, but you truly are an Earth Healer Angel , believe sent from the Heavens above to help God guide the mislead such as myself back onto the right & righteous road to life, so I now have the opportunity to make the Lord & my loved ones in Heaven (seeing I have no family here) proud of me too, & with that it makes me want to once again feel & be proud of myself…..which I can honestly say I haven’t felt in around 5 years.
I love you & have the highest respect for you.
I hope now, through this letter, you see & understand why I put you on the highest pedestal that a tradesman has ever made with his bare hands…Hee! Hee!

So thank you my Queen of Hands Of Destiny.


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