Hands of Destiny

Karina, Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia.

Rhonda is a true angel, sent from above, and walking among us.

If you are looking for professional, accurate, detailed, compassionate, but above all, no BS Reading and guidance from a lady whom I consider the best in the business, then look no further than Rhonda.

Rhonda is the real deal and must be experienced to fully appreciate and understand what it’s like to be in the presence of a true psychic. You walk out uplifted and light, and 100% clear on the questions you wanted answered, how to go about achieving your best life and more. Better than any counselling session or any other psychic that I have been to before.

Having a Reading with Rhonda is truly a life changing experience. Rhonda, I thank you for changing my life for the better. You are an absolute blessing and true inspiration to us all.

Grateful for you.

Karina 🦋🦋🦋

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