Hands of Destiny

Kevin, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I first met Rhonda in early 1991 by “accident”.

I had never experienced or had any interest in seeing a psychic; I had been interested in other forms of ESP, astral travelling, telekinesis and things like that but not a thought to see a clairvoyant.

At the time I owned a business and one Monday morning while asking one of my workmates what he had done on the weekend I got the reply back, ” I went to see a clairvoyant!”, ” really, how was it?” I replied, “yeah, really good, but she doesn`t like you very much!” he said, but he wouldn`t give me any more information.

Well, my ego certainly did not like that; I thought that how could someone who doesn’t know me, not like me? I had to find out, so asked my friend to give me the phone number for this “Rhonda” he said that she didn`t read for everyone, but he would check it out and let me know. The next day he gave me the number and I made an appointment with Rhonda.

That first meeting changed my life; I had been going through problems with my business partner, my wife, family and within myself and it was Rhonda`s caring and compassionate insights which gave me the understanding and the tools to change the situations I had put myself into. I was in awe of her abilities and at one point brought to tears as Rhonda and spirit helped me through a painful memory, and in so doing releasing that pain forever.

That first meeting certainly did change my life, so much for the better, it took my arrogant, pompous and selfish ego to get me there and changed my perception forever and set me on my path of self-healing and the understanding of really how much we are all supported by “Spirit” on each step of our journey.
Of course, my story is to be continued……

Forever grateful to you Rhonda,


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