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Kim, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I was drawn to Rhonda at a particular time of life, via a Google search – very strange indeed and it felt like I was being guided to her (not having met with a psychic or anybody similar ever before). We ended up meeting at a time of ‘9am on the 9th’, which Rhonda said meant new beginnings and was a sign I was being guided pretty actively.
Upon meeting Rhonda, I wasn’t at all surprised that she looked almost exactly as I’d envisioned since speaking with her on the phone. Doesn’t mean everybody needs to have that telephonic/visual connection, but certainly provided me with belief from the start. I’d recommend everybody go in there with full open hearts and strong belief, as scepticism will be a major blocker and time waster for you – Rhonda is the real deal, so start off with trust and you’ll have an amazing experience.

The reading was so insightful and covered so many facets of life, correctly relaying facts and attributes of my nature and of my loved ones/past loved ones – even things I was inventing for my work, which were not even public knowledge to friends. The information Rhonda passed through about my future was shocking (in a great way) – not only this, but I actually found her very gentle in her direct approach and she ensured I knew there were steps to take before my best life could be achieved. Then she gave me detail on the steps to pursue, which I’m following to the letter.

The actual steps are so specific and very user friendly, modern. Audiobooks, references, supplements, specific types of alternative healers and advice that honours the mind/body connection. I absolutely cannot wait to see where I go with this and I have the recording to listen to time and time again, each listen is bringing new meaning.
You leave Rhonda feeling like you are 100% being watched over and guided – which is a wonderful feeling, as well as me now realising it is true.

The value you receive from Rhonda is immense and I will definitely be reconnecting for another in the short term. I would highly recommend a visit or long-distance connection with Rhonda!

Kind Regards,