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Ksenia, Moscow, Russia.

I am an overseas customer of Rhonda. I would never have known about the website and Rhonda if not a very good recommendation from my friend, who is also not living in Australia, but has met Rhonda’s Australian clients when travelling in Asia. Anyway, it was a rather long chain which worked through word of mouth.
Before talking, I was rather concerned that this type of meetings require face to face and Australia is too far away from me.

However, my concerns disappeared when I started talking to Rhonda. She does know a lot of things which in a pure scientific physical world she would never, never, know.
I can tell that some facts about my close friends which even I didn’t know and Rhonda has mentioned to me turned out to be true!!
Rhonda is a very warm person to talk to and she is careful not to hurt feelings of others. I will definitely do a reading again.

I wish everybody good health, happy relationship, prosperity and personal development to become a better person every day.

Thank you.

Best regards,