Hands of Destiny

Lauren, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I first heard about Rhonda through a good friend who has had several of her own consultations. Through her tales of how accurate Rhonda was and how she provided incredible and very specific guidance was enough to prompt me to have a Reading of my own. I was at a point in my life where I was feeling a little lost and was wondering what was in store for me both professionally and personally. I met with Rhonda and immediately felt at ease, as though I was in the presence of a very calm, relaxing entity, whose primary focus was helping me see my life from a totally new perspective.

I had often wondered how psychics or healers or Readers know the things they do, and I was stunned by the things Rhonda told me about myself, my family and a friend who had passed over. It had been five years to the day that my friend had taken his own life and he came through at the Reading and asked Rhonda to tell me some things that only he would have known. Not a day had gone by that I hadn’t thought of him and I cried tears of happiness at hearing from him again.

My family life hasn’t been the smoothest over the past 15 years and much of what Rhonda explained to me made perfect sense and helped me to understand my family dynamic in a new way. While not everything that Rhonda and Spirit foresaw have happened completely (things come in time!), I have a great appreciation for the work they both do and thank them for their honesty, the hope they bring and the understanding they provide.

For anyone who feels that they need guidance, I wholeheartedly recommend a Reading. I have had a Reading in person and also over the phone – both were incredible, insightful and absolutely accurate. It gives me great pleasure to share with my friends, family and anyone who will listen all that Rhonda and Spirit have given me! Many of them have since sought her help and have been delighted with what she had to say.

With love and thanks,


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