Hands of Destiny

Leanne, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

I was told about Rhonda by an acquaintance, we aren’t close but I felt this insatiable need to make a booking with Rhonda. I sent the required photos, and waited with baited breath for my appointment time. I held some reservations, as I had in my head what I wanted to know, and where I thought the Reading would head. I was so awestruck by the knowledge, understanding, clarity and information Rhonda was able to share with me.

There were things Rhonda knew, that couldn’t be “googled” or “guessed” and there was no room for misinterpretation. I am so happy with what Rhonda and Spirit were able to tell me, and this will not be my last Reading. I have had Readings in the past with other people, but I would highly recommend Rhonda to everyone. Her no sh!t approach and her personality are refreshing and very grounding.

So, THANK YOU, Rhonda.

Thank you for the appointment, thank you for the Reading, and thank you for the clarity.



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