Hands of Destiny

Leigh, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia.

If you’ve never had a reading before then you are truly fortunate to have found this website and be reading these testimonials, as Rhonda is the real deal who has an awesome gift.
I have been seeing Rhonda for a reading every year since early 2014 and I cannot sing her praises enough. She brings very clear messages through from spirit and her accuracy is awesome, but more importantly is the quality and depth of the message being delivered.
Rhonda has helped me navigate through some big personal growth challenges over the years, as her direct connection with spirit not only shows her where you’re at with your life development, but also explains why, and what you can do to overcome any issues.
Rhonda calls it how it is, so be prepared to listen and process what it being communicated, as you can only benefit greatly. Rhonda has a knack of going directly to an area in your life that you’re seeking guidance on, and I have always found her to have great empathy and professionalism at all times.
I always get so excited and feel extremely blessed whenever I have a reading with Rhonda as her gift of communication with spirit is so precise and timely and always leaves me feeling motivated and positive.
I feel incredibly grateful to have found someone so amazing who can advise me on areas in my life, plus answer any of my questions with clarity and direction.
Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing your gift so generously, and what an absolute privilege to have met you.

God Bless you.


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