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Lise, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Rhonda provided me with an eagles eye view to my current situation and circumstances. She was honest, straightforward and compassionate. Her clarity was phenomenal. Family members had recently passed and Rhonda could indicate my entire family’s unique relationship, by the way my family is massive and living overseas. Rhonda was spot on!

The best way I can describe my reading with Rhonda is that it spearheaded my doubts and worries into a balanced plan of action. Her foresight comforted me and diffused my troubles. Beware though, Rhonda speaks the truth (with understanding and love) but nevertheless the truth can bite a bit. I am certainly glad I took a big bite. I am content and happy in my situation due to the information provided by Rhonda.

I recommend Rhonda to all my friends and family. In the past I have paid for readings with other psychics which at the time gave me excitement and something to look forward too, like a new car or nice holiday etc, the uniqueness with Rhonda is, she says it as she sees it, my children are little and Rhonda could let me into their worlds, Priceless. I am excited, with the perspective I now have, and I feel empowered and a part of my destiny.