Hands of Destiny

Melanie, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



I would like to share my experience I recently had with Rhonda. A colleague of mine recommended her and I was so curious to have an idea about what’s going to happen to me and so I did contact Rhonda by e mail , and she did reply back straight away so we agreed on a date and time. What happened, was that I did not call on the date we were supposed to do the reading as it was weekend and I overslept!

As soon as I got up I emailed her and was honest about what had happened to me. A couple of days later I received an e mail from her saying that she really felt disrespectful from me and that she doesn’t have time to play games ( not the exact words used ) but she felt I let her down and I was totally disappointed at myself and felt really bad and guilty about it . I send couple of emails to her saying how sorry I was, and I do totally understand if she blocks me out and refuse to be in contact with me!

Couple of weeks later after this happened I received an e mail from her asking if I was available to do the Reading on that date. I was so pleased to hear from her but unfortunately because of the seven-hour difference timing we couldn’t do the Reading straight away, so I did call her to agree on the date which was today….. two hours ago .
I am so grateful that we finally managed to do the Reading . Rhonda is a great talented ,gifted person . She explained to me in detail all about my personal life relationships, future, career , and family including the contact with my beloved father who passed away five years ago. she was right in everything she said, and she gave me hope and motivation I needed, and I feel so much fuller in energy now. Somehow she made me realize that everything we do in life is for some reason, and the earlier we find the key to understand our path, the better it is our existence. She clearly explained to me the fact why she was angry with me the first time I let her down by not calling,  Spirit wanted me to give me a lesson that every action I will be taking in life has a reaction and I am the person who is responsible for that, by not letting people disrespect me, and what goes around comes around!

I wanted to share this experience I had today, and I most happily recommend Rhonda’s Readings to anyone who wishes for enlightenment and direction.

Thank you Rhonda from the bottom of my heart !!

Melanie. xxx

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