Hands of Destiny

Naomi, Sorrento, Queensland, Australia.

Where do I begin, Rhonda of Rhonda’s Readings has helped me navigate my life in more ways that I can imagine.

I have known Rhonda for approximately 7 years and each time I have visited Rhonda I have felt a sense of security, trust, empowerment, and faith throughout our sessions.

I was recommended to visit Rhonda by my best friend who also highly values Rhonda’s spiritual guidance and had been seeing Rhonda at the time for a year prior.

When a difficult time in life arises, I genuinely believe Rhonda helps navigate me back on track, better than anyone I know – or other people I have been referred to for “professional advice”.

Rhonda has helped me in the pit of crisis when other professionals simply are “unsure where to go from here”.

I continue to visit Rhonda, my family and friends will also as we all appreciate the positive direction, Rhonda and Spirit have led us all down in challenging times.

Thank you, Rhonda,

You are a phenomenal human!

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