Hands of Destiny

Nikki, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia

I have always been interested in the abilities of psychics, mediums, tarot card readers and the like, often watching shows on the television portraying persons (real or fictional) in these roles, but never having the opportunity to visit or speak to anyone in this profession until I met Rhonda.

Over a period of time during which Rhonda visited me for my talents, I got to know Rhonda a lot better as a person and found her to be very genuine.

After speaking generally with another clairvoyant who happened to be passing through my everyday life, I believed more than ever that Rhonda was the real deal and it was Rhonda that I wanted to visit. This opportunity came to me unexpectedly so I excitedly visited Rhonda on my very next day available.

Never having been to a clairvoyant of any kind previously, I was unsure what to expect but I can honestly say that Rhonda is amazing! How could Rhonda have known so many details about a certain family situation without knowing any of my family if she wasn’t being contacted by my passed relative?!!

My husband really thought that most of this type of work was a sham, but after listening to the tape and having to consult our GP about an eye condition that Rhonda mentioned in the tape not even a month after my visit with her, he admitted to me that perhaps Rhonda was right with other things as well!

I have enthusiastically referred Rhonda to anyone I speak to that is interested in this type of sitting an I shall again be visiting Rhonda soon!

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