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Oliver, Northern Territory, Australia.

“I am a 36-year-old husband and father of two (son 6 and daughter 4) living a remote regional centre in Northern Australia. My wife recommended I have a reading after having a couple herself. I had noticed the readings had a positive impact on her, I was interested and open to learning more.

I was initially ambivalent about having a reading as I had not had any considerable exposure to, or understanding of, spirit. I went to an all-boys private boarding school where spiritual education was limited to Grace at meal times and Sunday morning Church. Speaking to a clairvoyant is not something I would have considered doing once upon a time.

I have had two readings and prior to the first my marriage was on the brink. The way we were treating each other was having an impact on our children, daughter 4 and son 6. Our son had bed wetting issues and our daughter was incredibly bossy and demanding. I was ashamed of how we were behaving toward each other and was incredibly sad and angry about what our relationship had become. We were heading toward an imminent divorce.

Rhonda gave me clear advice as to why I behaved and reacted the way I did to certain situations. She was able to pinpoint how and when I had developed the trait and spoke with incredible accuracy, truth and compassion. Once I understood how the environment I was brought up in impacted my current behaviour and thought patterns Rhonda gave some clear advice as to how to grow.

I listened to the advice and made some changes. My marriage whilst not 10/10 yet has improved dramatically, our son has stopped wetting the bed and our daughter is much more calm and considerate. I feel stronger and more confident and believe the whole experience has had a number of other spin-off benefits including in my workplace.

If you are in a similar relationship predicament or simply want some advice on how to improve a situation in your life I fully endorse Rhonda.

Rhonda maintains a safe and compassionate rapport whilst not shying away from sharing hard truths about what changes are needed to move on.

Thank you, Rhonda, for helping our family. I will continue to seek your advice well into the future.”