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Renee, Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

I want to thank Rhonda for putting my mind at ease, with the issues I was dealing with. I have now had 3 Readings over the last 6 years and have always been blow away with Rhonda’s accuracy. In previous Readings, Rhonda’s predictions have not only come true, but have been accurate in the time frames she had predicted. Rhonda gave me the direction I needed to work on myself to get where I needed to be in my life in order to meet the man I would spend my life with. She advised me that if I did the work, then I would meet my partner in 6months time. She also predicted that I would have my first child at 37.

I was blown away when both of these predictions came true in the exact time frame. Now when I need clarity in my life or when I’m doubting myself, I find it helpful to have a Reading with Rhonda who through Spirit, sets me back on the path I need to be on. I find spiritual guidance much more beneficial and healing than any kind of therapy or counselling. I’m looking forward to the next lot of predictions coming true, including the beautiful baby boy she could see coming into our lives.

Until next time,

Thank you xxx