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Ross and Val, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Hi Rhonda ,

Ross and I are sending you this testimonial. We want to share with others the wonderful events leading up to finding the block of land again.

Ross got a reading from Rhonda for the 2nd time in April this year to seek some advice on a block of land we wanted to purchase. The minute she looked at it she was convinced that was the one for us. 3 weeks later due to unforseen events the sale fell through and we lost the block. The owner took the land off the market and we were devastated. For the last 5 weeks we looked at other blocks but nothing came close either in size and value, time was running out as we are using this land to put our business on it and we need to vacate the shop we are in by the 18th of August. We thought that maybe Rhonda may have gotten the wrong block as we did show her another 2 pictures, little did we know!!!!! Ross got desperate and decided to see Rhonda again. He was very surprised that she was still insisting that the same block is still there for us to have, her very words were, quote: “the block is yours”.

She mentioned that another agent has it, but all we could think about was that we have been looking on the net and it was not there anymore. Also we both wondered how are we going to find out who has it? The next day I was browsing the net and found a block similar but much more expensive, so we decided to call the agent anyway and as we asked him if the price is negotiable he tells us that he does have another one much less just around the corner, we knew instantly that was our block we lost weeks before. We were speechless and there is no doubt in our minds that Rhonda’s impeccable intuition is a true GIFT to humanity.

Thank you for your honesty and magic.

With Love from Ross and Val