Hands of Destiny

Shannon, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Wow, not sure where to start.

I’ve been coming to Rhonda for about 4 years, and she truly holds a great talent of dancing with Spirit. An old friend recommended her, and I knew after some predicated negative events unfolded for her, that Rhonda had to be the real deal. If you’re seeking direction in your life, or need assistance from a “broader perspective”, you will gain incredible insight from her. Each time I turn up to see Rhonda, she jumps straight to the chase, and seems to know exactly what it is I’ve come to receive guidance on. I used to be a little taken back by her accuracy, now I just have a calm sense of Trust about the path Rhonda sees ahead for me, and I know that path would have been so different without her help.

Don’t let other phony psychics spoil your chance to experience something really incredible, something deeper than the (sometimes dry) surface of society/life. I really hope these readings can continue for a long time. Being able to record the session allows you to listen over and over, which is true value.

Forever grateful.


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