Hands of Destiny

Sophia, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi Rhonda,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and guidance.

I first came to you about 3 years ago needing help with finding the right direction in my career. I was faced with the choice of going one of 3 ways. The option that you suggested would be most beneficial to me and facilitate the most self-growth… well to be honest I was sceptical, really sceptical! I was confused and clutching at straws for answers, so thought I’d go with what you were telling me, rather than what my brain and my family were telling me. I now have a position in a career that I never thought imaginable! Thank you
You also really helped me when I went through a relationship break up. You certainly didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but you steered me on the best path out of what was turning into a dark and gloomy road. I followed your guidance and again am so grateful I did.

I am most certainly testament to the fact that if people listen to you, take on board what you say and follow your guidance, life transforms and you can be the best you are here to be!

I cannot thank you enough.


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