Hands of Destiny

Sue, Urliup, New South Wales, Australia.

I went to Rhonda for a Reading in the middle of 2007 because lots of things were going wrong in my life, all at the same time. I felt at a crossroads and that I needed some direction in which to go. I was very upset with what was happening and did not understand why. 

Rhonda gave amazingly accurate character Readings on the photographs I provided. She picked up on my worries and what was going on in my life. She was able to give me advice and direction which is what I sought. Rhonda told me things no-one could know. She validated my thoughts on some family members and told me what was going on with them. Rhonda’s help was a blessing to me and enabled me to move forward and not be so upset. She helped me make some sense of things that were so hard to understand. 

I cannot thank Rhonda enough for the help she has given me. 
Do not hesitate in seeing Rhonda if you need help and guidance. She is a gifted clairvoyant who seems very down to earth and pleasant. My husband also saw Rhonda a few months after I did, and our Readings tied in well.

We wish Rhonda all the best in the future. Keep up the great work!!!!

Cheers from Sue.

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