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Susan, Gymea, New South Wales, Australia.

If you have ever come to a crossroads in your life and are seeking direction on which way you should go, Rhonda is the lady to see. Two years ago I was going through a very difficult time. Nothing in my life seemed to be going well at all. At work I felt that there was a definite undercurrent working against me, despite the pleasant exchanges and friendly smiles that I encountered. Although I had no hard evidence for my fears, the feeling continued to grow to the point where I had become extremely anxious and felt that I could trust no-one. I asked for help from the universe and was guided to Rhonda. 

Not only was I impressed when Rhonda confirmed my suspicions but I was completely blown away when she pointed to those who I had felt were the main offenders in a group work photograph, without any prompting from me. To my relief she also pointed out those in whom I could confide and trust.

The latter have become firm and supportive friends with whom I have had so much fun to boot. 

I had become very much stressed and my health was suffering. It was necessary for me to take a break but financial considerations would not allow me to do so. Rhonda predicted that I would be given special leave and directed me to go to Northern Italy. I could not imagine how this could happen or why I should go to Italy. To my amazement I did get paid leave that I did not know I was entitled to and took a break. I did go to Northern Italy and found myself at two exclusive trade exhibitions that gave me important contacts for the business I will be setting up in the near future. How I was able to get into these without credentials and invites is still a mystery. All I can say is that Rhonda is in touch with the hidden power that rules this universe and creates the magic that is available to all of us if we only trust and are prepared to make changes. 

I have recently moved from my job on my own terms.

It has taken two years to do so but during that time I was given the opportunity to work on personal issues that have improved my confidence and self esteem and most importantly have allowed me to see why painful issues have arisen in my life. These lessons and the chance to experience the power of being positive, loving and forgiving as well as know and experience my power and strength to meet challenges that I never thought I could meet, have given me freedom and the chance to start a new expanded and fulfilling life. 

Through regular readings with Rhonda I have been able to see what lay ahead for me and the necessary work that I had to do on myself in order to reap the many great things that were shown to me as possibility.

If you want to live your life to the max I suggest you consult Rhonda. Be warned however, you may not like all that you hear. She will tell you in no uncertain terms if you are being negative or not doing your best for your own good. 

That’s the thing I like most about Rhonda. She truly serves her clients and sometimes that’s takes love, compassion, understanding and courage. She’s truly there to serve everyone she sees to the highest good. I will continue to meet with her on a regular basis. Why wouldn’t I? I want to continue to grow and take advantage of all the universe offers.