Hands of Destiny

Tasha, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

I have just had my fourth Reading with Rhonda and I have been speaking to Rhonda for one year now. I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Last year, I was a shell of myself; I was very damaged from a bad relationship, confused about my relationship with my mum, and still carrying pain from a broken relationship with my dad. With Rhonda and Spirit’s help, Rhonda began by opening my eyes to the many painful memories and insecurities that have defined my adult life. From just a few photos, Spirit saw who I was, my past, and the uninspiring future that lay ahead of me if I didn’t act now.

Today, I am in a new positive relationship, a job that empowers me, and building a future that I deserve and am excited to experience. I never thought I could be this lucky. I think my success is down to the fact that I really listened to Spirit, thanked Spirit every day, spoke to Spirit every day, and made the changes that Rhonda told me to. Within a few months, I was a new person, and I had changed my life entirely.

Rhonda is truly gifted, and every Reading is a gift which I treasure and think about. Even though I’m much happier, I will still continue to talk to Rhonda; it’s not a quick fix, it’s a way of life and as it is actually a year now since my first Reading, it feels amazing to step back and look at these 12 months and what has happened thanks to listening to Rhonda and Spirit. They were absolutely right – it’s all about taking responsibility, as hard as that is.

Thank you, Rhonda and Spirit for everything you have given me.

I am so lucky, so grateful, and so thankful.

Love Tasha x

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