Hands of Destiny

Tracy, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I have seen Rhonda for guidance over the past 8 years.

The information that she channels directly from Spirit is crystal clear.
It is direct and to the point. If you don’t understand it, then Rhonda takes the time to make sure that you do.

Rhonda is authentic and professional. There is nothing flaky or wishy-washy about this incredible service that she provides.

Even if some of the information doesn’t resonate with you at the time, trust, that given the fullness of time, it will most definitely come to fruition. (every time)

I wouldn’t consider going to see anyone else, as I appreciate Rhonda’s integrity and straight-talking approach.

Rhonda has shone a light on areas of my life that has helped me navigate through.

I can highly recommend Hands of Destiny for your next Reading.

It is like Spiritual Counselling at the highest level.

Thank you 🙏


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