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Yamagochi, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Although I have never been to reading before, I can tell that Rhonda is absolutely kind lady and has got one of the best reading skills on the coast. 
She will give us what choice you have, what suite you to do, however, she won’t give you what you should do, she simply give us some direction and what you would be better not to do. 
If you are not confident with your English, you can take reading with your friend as a translator. 
I was not having reading that day, I was there to be a translator, but when I was doing translation for my friend i had some feeling that i need to talk to her.
Rhonda told me so much things that I didn’t even realize, 
and she is so much more helpful than a psychologist, that she give us much understanding and kindness, especially she tries to work out with us.
Yamagochi, Surfers Paradise