Hands of Destiny

Sandy’s Book, Chapter 3

Sandy, Rhonda's friend of over thirty years is writing a book about Spiritualism called: "Heaven Knows: A Personal Journey in Search of Evidence " and has added some chapters outlining her experience of having a Reading with Rhonda.
Here is the first chapter:


The universe works in strange and wondrous ways. The following day, another friend called in unexpectedly to tell me about a reading she’d just had with a psychic. “She was really good,” Janice rattled on, “she told me things no-one else knew. Her name is Rhonda, do you know her?” she asked. “she lives …..”

“Why would I know her?” I interrupted. I was beginning to think I must be the only person in the world who didn’t get weekly psychic updates.

Janice shrugged. “Well, she just lives in the next street, you probably bump into her in the supermarket. I’ll leave her details for you anyway.”

She scribbled an address and phone number on a scrap of paper and handed it to me. I smiled politely and thanked her, intending to throw it away the moment she left. Then I remembered the interview with Tommy Steele.

“Is there really something to all this?” I asked deep space that evening from my thinking place on the back doorstep.

As usual, deep space remained silent.

“Hello! You’re right on time.” Rhonda said as she opened her door in response to my knock. “Please, come in.”

Janice’s psychic lived in a modest weatherboard house surrounded by a neat garden. Inside, the house was tidy and well lit, and two small children were playing in the lounge. I was relieved not to be greeted by a gypsy holding a crystal ball. All the same, I wondered what I was doing here.

It transpired that Janice was right. Rhonda was amazing. Even more amazing was what followed a few days after my appointment with her. Due to Muriel’s constant reminders, I conceded defeat and agreed to have a reading by her brother-in-law, Bill. When I compared the taped recordings later, I was amazed by their uncanny similarities.

Rhonda : A new spirit guide is moving in. She’s, um, it’s like she was some sort of sister.
Bill: ... a new guide entering, an individual who was a nursing sister, a matron in fact, in a hospital.
Rhonda: … in very olden days.
Bill: … and I’m going back in time to the days when the starched uniforms were worn
Rhonda … when they used to wear, you know, the starched one. She’s got this big bib top on, and like a cape.
Bill: …. a white bib, bombazine cloth material.
Rhonda: and this cape, it’s flying out behind her.
Bill: She walked quickly and her cape would billow out behind her.
Rhonda: There’s very much a time coming that you’ll be tossing and turning, she’s saying that she’s very much around you at that time.
Bill: She is exercising an influence over you to keep you as cool, calm and collected as possible, and her influence on you has been such that she’s certainly calmed you down.
Rhonda: … because the things you know about healing, you will be asked more of and more of in the future.
Bill: Pay close attention to her in the future because she says that only by doing that can you begin to realise the potential which you have to give other people the help, the remedies which they need.

What was I to make of this? Could it be a standard reading, one that everyone receives? Highly unlikely – sooner or later people would compare notes. Was it a conspiracy? Did Rhonda and Bill know each other? No, I was confidant Rhonda had never heard of Bill because she had asked for his contact number, and when I checked with Muriel she assured me she had never made an appointment for anyone by that name. Could they have been reading each other’s minds, or perhaps both reading mine? It didn’t matter which way I turned the problem around, the simplest solution was that I really did have a guide who had been a nursing sister who wore a starched bib and cape.


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