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We had asked Cam, a Web advisor for information regarding our website and the following information are excerpts from an email Cam sent to us;

"Also, a lot of people stumbling on your site in its early days when it is incomplete will not stay long, nor will they be tempted to book themselves in. The site has to acquire "credibility" - the average person will visit a site many times before taking the plunge to book themselves in. Now that you are entering real articles and blog entries, visitors will start to feel they are getting to know you and their confidence will grow - they will ascertain that you are a real person with a history of satisfied clients, not just another business trying to cash in on the growing demand for alternate solutions to age old problems. There are a LOT of astrology and numerology type sites out there flogging pre-written counselling essays pumped out by a machine in response to certain birthdays, names, nationalities and so on - they do not offer credible and personalized readings or any actual true relationship with clients. They are a BUSINESS, first and foremost, usually highly automated. Nevertheless, they are in some sense your competitors, even if the nature of their offerings in no way equates to what you offer. Their sites are big, often they have full time staff pumping the site content and processing payments and they make it harder for the genuine operators to get noticed."

"Since you already have a record of success, in as much as you have a long list of clients who have no doubt in their minds now of the value of your readings, you can answer the doubts MUCH more effectively than those businesses who take the arrogant stance with false promises and trite assumptions that there is no possibility of alternate points of view, no other pathways to happiness and no room for skepticism."

"As an objective observer, I believe that the biggest single problem for psychic readers is the difficulty of separating themselves from the pretenders. Genuine practitioners have to work hard at educating the public about the difference between real and imagined abilities. However many competent psychics probably believe that mother nature will take care of the pretenders, but in truth public education is the surer way - perhaps you can become a bit of a pioneer in this pursuit?? "

"For now, just chip away at it and it will grow, like a small acorn, into an oak."



Thank you Cam for your insights,

Magical Blessings !!




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