Hands of Destiny

Kevs Asthma Experience.

Since meeting Rhonda, I have experienced some amazing things; this is one of those stories.
When I first met Rhonda I was an asthmatic and had been from an early age to at that time, 35 years old. I was so dependent on inhalers that I would have them stashed all around the house; I would go to sleep using them and start the day the same way. During one of my many asthma attacks, Rhonda said to me; "Kev, do you know why you have asthma?", "what do you mean? I don`t understand!" was my reply.

Rhonda went on to explain to me that,it was her belief, that all physical ailments were because of an emotional blockage, and in my case that, at an early age, an incident with my Dad had created within me the symptoms of asthma. I had never had a good relationship with my Dad, but after my conversation with Rhonda, I began to think back and I remembered when I had my first Asthma attack.

My mum and dad had been arguing again, I was in the back yard and heard my mum screaming, I ran inside to find my dad kneeling over mum strangling her. I screamed at him "noooooo" and then with "hulk" like strength grabbed dad by the shoulders and dragged him backwards (we have all heard of those stories of superhuman strength, I truly believe it now!) .He shot backwards 8 feet, hit the wall and slumped to the ground. I quickly got mum up and she went to the bathroom, but I then started hyperventilating and fell to the ground struggling to breathe. My dad freaked out, it was like he sobered up instantly, he picked me up and took me outside, he then ran inside, grabbed a mattress and set up a bed for me under the stars and in the cool night air. He lay beside me trying to calm me down, I soon fell asleep. From that night on the symptoms persisted so Mum took me to the doctors who diagnosed Asthma.

What I realized after remembering that awful night was that, the then 12 year old Kevin had equated:
1. The "Asthma" had stopped his drunken father from hurting his Mum,
2. The "Asthma" had given Kev the attention from his Dad he so desperately craved.
The sad thing was though, it never worked again, the beatings continued and so did the asthma and I never did get that positive attention again.

Over the next few weeks I continued remembering the relationship that I had with my Dad, I got angry, I got sad and I forgave me for giving myself this debilitating ailment. Within 6 weeks the symptoms I had coped with for the last 23 years had disappeared and even though I am overweight, I can run and never get short of breath ever again.

I will be forever thankful for Rhonda`s guidance in helping me heal from this painful past, and shortly after this time, Rhonda suggested that I find my Dad, and go see him to begin the next stage in my healing experience, but that`s another story..............

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