Hands of Destiny

Amy, Byron Bay, New South Wales

I have seen Rhonda three times since I first learned of her existence at the start of 2018 (it’s now February 2020). I had been struggling for years with all kinds of different issues and had seen different psychics, seeking guidance, clarity, and answers, but when things got to the point where I didn’t think they could possibly get worse, I knew from what I had heard that she was next on my list. After I saw Rhonda for the first time, I drove home in tears as she and her guides had kindly illustrated so clearly to me the reality of my situation, and how I was continuing to hurt myself. I then decided to finally do something about the position I had found myself in, and checked myself into a facility for a month, which probably saved my life. After I got out I visited Rhonda again, excited to see her and tell her how much the first visit had changed my life and how much better I was doing, and then again just recently, and each time I leave with advice so valuable that I can’t imagine where I would be today without these twice yearly sessions with her. She’s really been a saving grace. Rhonda will tell me the TRUTH, which is exactly what I need, and everything she says is spot on, practical and helpful, thanks to her clear, direct channel with spirit. Rhonda is also very kind, empathetic, and compassionate, and will hone directly in on whatever issue is most pressing at hand for me. I actually cannot thank her enough, and I hope she knows how much of a difference she makes. I am truly grateful to Spirit for directing me to be on the receiving end of Rhonda’s guidance, and will hopefully continue to be a client of hers for a very long time.


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