Hands of Destiny

Jo, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

The universe drew me to Rhonda (and Spirit) a woman world weary, broken and depleted; I brought to her table a heavy but open heart and a head in a similar state. Rhonda met me in that place with sometimes brutal honesty; incredible generosity; and a good measure of genuine warmth and empathy. Rhonda brought knowing and priceless communication from Spirit; and an invaluable connection to those on the other side, for the first time in my 37 years a feeling of support and understanding. Really receiving this, hearing the things that were hard to hear; shifting momentum; shedding old paradigms; becoming mistress of energetic constructs that long was I servant to; and bringing light and love to those parts of myself that were much safer left lying in the shadows,  although not always easy, has brought such transformation and soul level renewal to my life. I cannot be more grateful. These few mere “words” seem inadequate, and lack the weight and eloquence to truly do justice to the work that Rhonda has been put on this earth to do but; I offer them humbly, in the hope that they might help others to make the life changing connection to this extraordinary human and broaden the reach of the incredible blessing bestowed on anyone whose life she touches.


Jo, Byron Bay ( in person )  Melbourne and  Sydney ( via phone  when travelling )

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