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Lou, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Rhonda helped me make changes to my life, that I could never have had the courage to make without her guidance.

I went to see Rhonda with a bit of skepticism, however the detail of my life which she “knew” was truly amazing and her accuracy was spot on. To date each and every insight/prediction she made through the reading has happened. From knowing a year before diagnosis that a close female family member would be struck down with cancer (even saying directly which type and where the cancer would present itself AND the treatment which would ultimately save a life), she predicted someone unknowingly breaking into my house through a man-hole in my roof and that I should go straight home and check the roof – sure enough signs of repeated entry into my home was detected and subsequently police made an arrest. These are just a few of the very detailed situations i had no idea of but Rhonda could ‘sense’ was going on in my life.

I love Rhonda’s direct approach, she tells it how it is, and that in itself is a gift. She is kind and compassionate and her honesty through her readings gave me such comfort – I can’t thank her enough.

Lou xxx